Sparking Urban Revitalization

“Creating a Grafik Intervention for Ada has been an interesting process for us as students at ONU,” said Emily Kleine, a senior advertising design major from Bowling Green, Ohio. “The project connected us to the history of the village and allowed us to draw attention to its potential before we graduate.”

“Getting the students out of the studio and into the community engages these young designers in a thoughtful, community-based response to social engagement,” said Rowe. “We want our students to become socially and environmentally aware leaders in the field of visual communication.”

Ada was originally called Johnstown, and under the latter name was platted in 1853 by S. M. Johnson when the railroad was extended to that point. Ada became the name of the community's post office after the postmaster's daughter, called Ada, the post office has been in operation since 1854.

Did you know that Ada is know for having one of the shortest names in Ohio.

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Pennsylvania Railroad Depot, Ada Business District, Visual Communication Design students at Ohio Northern University and Brit Rowe

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